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Pepsi Refresh Project, Green Energy On-line grant application, Passive solar, Wind energy, NC company seeks Pepsico grant

Pepsi Refresh Project,  Green Energy On-line grant application, Passive solar, Wind energy, NC company seeks Pepsico grant

From the Pepsi Refresh Project.

“The Pepsi Refresh Project is an online grant program which makes available millions of dollars to be granted to projects which are intended to improve communities through an online, democratic voting process (“Grant Program“). The Grant Program is open to individuals, for profit organizations (which have a maximum of $25 million in annual revenue) and non-profit organizations (see Section 1 below for more eligibility requirements). The Grant Program consists of six (6) categories (1) HEALTH – fostering wellness; (2) ARTS & CULTURE – celebrating the arts; (3) FOOD & SHELTER – ideas for providing food and shelter for the community; (4) NEIGHBORHOODS – building better communities; (5) EDUCATION – helping people learn at any age; and (6) THE PLANET – ideas which help the planet (the “Categories“).”

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From GEO, Green Energy On-line.

“GEO, Green Energy On-line is committed to the goal of advancing green energy, making it more affordable and putting people to work. To that end we are focusing primarily on a combination of passive solar and wind energy with the integration of some active solar. To speed this process up and as the old saying goes “we are not made of money,” we will be pursuing a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Our application is complete and awaiting the next window of application on December 1, 2010. If we are able to get our application accepted then, more information on how to vote will be provided. Please return often for updates on the grant application and ongoing projects.”

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