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Barnes & Noble, Greensboro NC, Susan Barringer Wells, book signing, A Game Called Salisbury

Susan Barringer Wells will have a book signing at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro NC on Friday, February 15, 2008, at 7:00 PM. Susan will be signing copies of her new book, “A Game Called Salisbury.” The book is a non fictitional account of the Lyerly murders that occurred over a hundred years ago in Salisbury NC. The book also reveals racial issues that pervaded the south and nation at that time. Susan Barringer Wells was born in Salisbury NC, grew up in Greensboro and has been a premier artist at the Outer Banks for many years.

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Wright Brothers flight at North Carolina Outer Banks

Monday, December 17, 2007, was the 104th anniversary of the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina which is now part of Kill Devil Hills. The monument and park are located in Kill Devil Hills NC. I read a book several years ago titled, “Triumph at Kitty Hawk”, which tells the story of the plans and work leading up to the flight, all the problems they encountered and the help they got from the locals of the Outer Banks. Many family names are mentioned and if you visit the Outer Banks you will find many of those names are still prominent.
I have a knack for striking up conversations with people, and several years ago I was in Greensboro and began talking to a retired gentleman. His family was from Manteo. Not only did his family sell some land to Andy Griffith, but I believe it was his grandmother who knew the Wright Brothers.
When you visit the Outer Banks, make sure you visit the Black Pelican
Restaurant. It is located in N Kitty Hawk on the beach road. It was the
location where the Wright Brothers telegraphed news of their successful flight.

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North Carolina Outer Banks real estate, home prices

I have been going to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for many years
and have owned a cottage there for over 9 years. The Outer Banks of
NC covers a large area including many towns as well as large scenic and  historic areas. You can “have your cake and eat it too” in regard to being surrounded by natural beauty and access to shopping and restaurants.
From time to time I check on what is on the market and for how much.
I just did a search and found a great bargain in Kill Devil Hills. Kill Devil Hills is a great town with access to everything you want.
This home, a steal, is on the market for $ 169,900. It needs some work
but the lot has to be worth at least that much. It has 3 bedrooms and
one and one half baths.

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Charlotte homes, NC beach house or California home

California real estate, in many markets, is very expensive and in some
markets is declining in price.
I keep thinking about the shows on tv and houses that are “flipped” in
areas like Los Angeles. One that I saw recently was 1700 square feet,
outdated and in horrible shape and sold for $ 450,000, as is.
After renovations, many of these houses are going for 6 – 700,000 dollars.
Even in Charlotte, which has some of the more expensive homes in
North Carolina, you can buy a home that looks better than the renovated homes on tv, on a larger lot and own a beach cottage at the North Carolina coast, for an amount between the pre renovation and post renovation amount of the 1700 square foot house in California.
There are some great deals on the NC coast now. About 10 years ago
prices in many areas of the coast were way undervalued. Prices began
going up and have leveled off temporarily. If you want a bargain, look
at real estate in places like the Outer Banks, but do not wait. North
Carolina is growing fast and baby boomers are starting to retire.

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