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A Game Called Salisbury, Susan Barringer Wells, review by Professor George Tex Wood

Professor George Tex Wood of Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College has provided a review of “A Game Called Salisbury”, the new book by Susan Barringer Wells:

“…Faulknerian in its revelations and observations of human nature, clearly spotlighting the question of real responsibility not just for active human evil, but also for spawning its activity. Those PEOPLE in the media (not some amorphous Media) are held to account. I doubt they’ll appreciate seeing that fact bared, so I doubt we’ll see many reviews of this thorough indictment. Wells shows us that lynchings were (and are) the tip of the iceburg, the cruel result of calculated manipulation of our base human natures and our cowardliness in not confronting evil when we see it, either now or then.
While this book lacks Twain’s humor, it rivals his incisiveness.”

New York Times, book reviews, A Game Called Salisbury, Susan Barringer Wells

Sales of Susan Barringer Wells’ new book, A Game Called Salisbury are progressing well. Susan was featured in the Greensboro Daily News, I believe on Sunday, February 10, 2008. Susan has a book signing coming up at Barnes & Noble in Friendly Shopping Center in Greensboro this week. I wonder if anyone from the New York Times book review department has caught wind of Susan’s new book. If anyone out there from The New York Times, Washington Post, or anyone else would care to comment on the book, let us know.

Julia Maulden, Habitat for Humanity, Julia’s Coffee Shop

I just read this incredible story and wanted to pass it along. Julia Maulden was an incredibly giving person and very active in Habitat for Humanity. The coffee shop adjacent to the Habitat Restore on Wendover Ave in Charlotte NC is named for her. Help continue her legacy of giving by visiting Julia’s Coffee Shop and the Habitat Restore. It is a great way to help yourself while helping others. The following is taken directly from the coffee shop website:

“Julia’s Coffee Shop is named after one of Charlotte’s pioneering public servants, Julia Maulden. As the first volunteer executive director, she helped get Habitat for Humanity started in Charlotte. She not only worked on the first Charlotte Habitat home, she also brought Jimmy Carter to the Optimist Park Neighborhood for a fourteen house Build-a-Thon.

Julia grew up poor in the segregated South, borrowing and working her way through Greensboro Women’s College during the Depression. That experience, combined with her religious beliefs shaped the course of her life. She said, “You can’t just sit around loving your neighbor abstractly; you have to get out and do something for him.”

Her public service began in Kannapolis with the local Girl Scout movement where she helped to build the Girl Scout camp that still bears her name–Camp Julia. In 1945 she was named Kannapolis’ woman of the year.

In 1960 she moved to Davidson, North Carolina with her family where she became active in the school system for her kids. Her involvement led to her eventual membership in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school board, which lasted from 1966-1974. This time proved to be an extremely turbulent period, when people were openly at odds over the desegregation of schools. With her firm beliefs, she became a strong advocate for integration, despite the risk and ridicule it involved. “Her innate intelligence helped her see the world in broader terms than most people around her,” said her Reverend, Will Terry. Julia’s determination to fight for what she knew was right earned her Charlotte’s Woman of the Year in 1973.

At the age of sixty she resigned from the school board and spent the next eighteen months in the Peace Corps teaching children in the African Nation of Zaire in a very challenging environment. When she returned, she spent the next chapter of her life bringing her former students to the US and paying their way through prominent schools such as Columbia University and Davidson College.

In 1991 she told the Charlotte Observer’s Tom Bradbury that to ask yourself, “Am I better off,” is the wrong question. “Are we better off? is the question.” Because of Julia, we know that the answer to that question is “Yes.””

Visit Julia’s Coffee Shop website at:


Charlotte WIFI, Charlotte wireless access to the internet

I am sitting in Dilworth Coffee Shop, drinking great coffee and accessing the internet for free and just realized that I failed to mention the free internet access earlier. What triggered this memory was watching some geese walk through the parking lot. I sometimes see traffic pause in Greensboro and Charlotte to let geese cross the road. This impresses me as really cool. We humans are always in a hurry and we stop to let creatures pass that are oblivious to our stupidity. So what has that got to do with this post? It probably momentarily freed up my thought processes long enough to remember something. Conclusion: we need coffee and atmosphere to bring out our best thoughts. So, visit Dilworth Coffee in Quail Corners Shopping Center for great coffee, atmosphere and free internet access.

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Charlotte dining, Charlotte coffee shops, my favorite

One of the things I missed the most when I moved to Charlotte from Greensboro, was Tate Street Coffee Shop. I generally avoid restaurants that are part of chains and prefer smaller non corporate looking coffee shops. I found a coffee shop near where I live, Dilworth Coffee Shop in Quail Corners Shopping Center. First of all, they roast their own beans on south end and their organic coffee is free trade. Their coffee is some of the best I have had, and I have traveled over most of the US. Of course, all of these facts are important, but what seals the deal for me is the synergy and friendliness that I find there and what I was missing from Greensboro. A wide variety of customers stop by and I enjoy talking to the proprietors about Seinfeld trivia. In my opinion, one of the things that makes some modern day coffee shops popular, is the atmosphere of the tv show “Cheers”. Where everybody knows your name. Take Park Road south past Quail Hollow road to Quail Corners Shopping Center and visit Dilworth Coffee Shop. Tell em I sent you.

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NC history news, oldest European colony in US found

The Lost Colony in Manteo North Carolina. Most people, including myself, believed the English colony to be the first European colony in the US. However, recent archeological finds near Morganton NC have revealed a Spanish colony settled in NC 30 years prior to The Lost Colony. The Spanish built Fort San Juan in the Catawba River Valley near Morganton in the foothills of the NC mountains. Archeological finds match up with written descriptions from Spanish history.

To find out more about the history of the Spanish in NC and
Fort San Juan visit:


UNC TV, NC public television, will have a segment on Fort San Juan, Thursday night, January 31, 2008. The show is a regular feature and is called “Exploring NC”.

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Kristin Wells, new HGTV show, HomeMakers, photos

Kristin Wells is filming a new show for HGTV in Charlotte NC. The show is about home remodeling for do it yourselfer’s and they are taking requests for home projects. The budget for each remodel is $ 3,000 and the project must be accomplished in a weekend. Kristin’s interest in home remodeling goes back many years and possibly to her childhood. Below is a picture of Kristin holding a hammer at age 3 and and one from her old TV show, HomeMakers.



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TV shows, HGTV new show, Kristin Wells HomeMakers show

Kristin Wells has a new tv show that is being filmed in Charlotte NC. It is a home remodeling show and will air on HGTV within the year. Kristin’s first tv show was HomeMakers, an all female renovation show that was on Turner South. Turner South has been sold so the show is no longer on the air. However, I found some links to articles about Kristin and HomeMakers:

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HGTV new show, get Kristin Wells to renovate your home

A new HGTV show is being filmed in Charlotte NC. It is being
hosted by Kristin Wells, a Greensboro North Carolina native
and former cohost of HomeMakers, an all female renovation
show on Turner South. The show will begin airing within the
year on HGTV.

Would you like to have Kristin Wells remodel your home.
Applications for home remodeling are being taken. If you
are interested, send information on your home project and
a brief description about your family to:


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Center Pointe Downtown Greensboro condos, shops, restaurants

Center Pointe, in downtown Grensboro NC, is a new high rise condo, shop and restaurant project. The construction is moving along well and there are rumors that Roy Carroll, the developer, is planning another high rise project in Greensboro. The condos range in price from $180,000 plus to over $500,000 plus and are located at 201 N Elm Street in the heart of downtown Greensboro. The condos feature:

  • Ten foot ceilings.
  • High performance insulated exterior glass.
  • Hardwood, cork or bamboo floors.
  • Carpeted bedrooms.
  • Ceramic tile baths.
  • Granite countertops.
  • Designer wood cabinets.
  • Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink.
  • Stainless steel appliances.
  • Washer and dryer.
  • Balcony.
  • High speed internet access.
  • Oversized water heater.
  • Fire sprinkler system.
  • Designer interior doors

Downtown Greensboro Homes