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Mukilteo Booksellers, Mukilteo WA, Puget Sound

Ok, I know, this blog is all about North Carolina. However, we are still in Everett Washington and I am going to post one more article about this area. We just got back from Whidby Coffee Shop, which overlooks the Puget Sound across from the ferry landing. This is one of my favorite coffee shops in the US with great coffee, a world class view and friendly people. We even recognized a mother and daughter from Whidby Island who played in the first annual music festival there a few months ago. The daughter is a superb violin/fiddle player and aspires to be a symphony conductor someday.

After we left the Whidby Coffee Shop, we visited the Mukilteo Booksellers next door. I have traveled over much of the US and I do not remember a better used book store. The selections were varied and of a higher quality than I usually encounter. Everything was organized well and the furnishings were appealing. The proprietor was very friendly and we discussed a variety of topics including our mutual love of books and books that we recommend. In addition to the wonderful selection of used books, there are new books and I bought one. I highly recommend the Mukilteo Booksellers and the combination of this great bookstore, coffee shop and scenery makes this a must visit location from Seattle or points beyond.

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