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Greensboro photography, Greensboro NC photography studios, Tate St coffee artwork

Greensboro photography, Greensboro NC photography studios, Tate St coffee artwork

Tate Street Coffee in Greensboro, NC is one of my favorite coffee shops in the country. Located adjacent to UNCG, it not only features great coffee but interesting artwork which often includes great photography. I ran into someone recently who I have known for many years, Richard Krol. As often is the case with me, I learned something about Richard I was not aware of. Not only is he a friend of a family member, but he is also an accomplished photographer. And not only is he an accomplished photographer, but he has captured on film some of my favorite images, memories from Tate St. Coffee.

Here is some information about Richard Krol.

Richard does portraits, snapshots, head shots, as well as pet photos. Richard’s photography covers many areas including art projects, time period photography (historical), model portfolio starters, and product/merchandise photography.  Richard also offers engagement and small wedding photography.

Richard Krol’s bio:

Richard was first exposed to photography over thirty years ago when he tagged along with his father who was taking a photography course in Virginia Beach, VA.  He was given an old 35mm and wandered around that summer snapping pictures of ducks, fish, and assorted lake life.  During this period he learned about black and white film developing and printing. In high school he received his first 35 mm that was his own and used it to document organizations in which he was involved.  That camera was the PENTAX K1000 (which he still has among his cameras).

With the advent of the digital age of photography Richard experimented with point and shoot digital cameras.  These cameras did not give the freedom of creativity that a SLR provided.  With the release of the PENTAX *ist D family he finally had his Digital SLR.  When the PENTAX K10D came out Richard was able to incorporate his older lenses and continues his use of PENTAX products.

        Richard has participated in several group showings in Greensboro, most recently at New York Pizza on Tate Street.  He also assists NYP by taking photos when requested.  Locally he has provided photography for print ads, for display in restaurants, and for local bands. Richard has also sold images in several countries via the Internet.

Visit Richard Krol’s website and view some of the incredible photos on display.


Richard Krol Self Portrait