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NC jobs, Green energy jobs, Solar energy, Wind energy, Passive solar, Weatherizaton, North Carolina Green Business Fund

NC jobs, Green energy jobs, Solar energy, Wind energy, Passive solar, Weatherizaton, North Carolina Green Business Fund

From GEO, Green Energy On-line November 22, 2010.

“Win win situations. Creating jobs, saving money and becoming more energy independent. What’s not to like?

That is what we believe. And that is what we are working on. GEO, Green Energy On-line, new company name for projects we have had in the works for a while and research that began in the 1970′s. We are focusing on passive solar and wind energy with some integration of active solar. Why? Because it is so simple and can be employed in existing and new home construction without major costs.

We are testing multiple passive solar strategies beginning with ones that are portable and smaller in scope. Our first and second passive solar projects are operational and providing heat. The first one feeds heat through a window passage. The second is attached to a crawl space opening and connected to ductwork. We are working on new designs that will be not only be cost effective but also unobtrusive and even attractive.

Our 2000 watt wind generator has been operational for over four months. As expected it produces electricity part of the time due to the lower wind speeds in the Piedmont of NC. However, it may come close to running as much as active solar panels. Remember, best case scenario, solar cells produce electricity on average 8 – 9 hours a day on sunny days.

We are working on a design that integrates solar and wind energy to drive a wind generator. This will greatly increase the output in lower wind areas and thus will make this option attractive to more people.

We are in the process of applying for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant. It is hoped that the public will see the value in our projects and in our vision for using down to earth simple techniques to take advantage of the “free energy” surrounding us, save money and put people to work. The beauty of spreading these simple technologies is that they will put many people to work in communities across our state and the nation.

Weatherization is another simple way to save money, become more energy independent and put people to work. A good friend of mine with a small electricial company is being very proactive in embracing new energy and energy saving technologies. He is currently updating his weatherization skills. We meet almost daily to discuss our projects. He has taken a keen interest in our projects and has helped on the installation.

The North Carolina Green Business Fund.

“As a State-authorized advisory board administered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology encourages, promotes, and supports scientific, engineering, and industrial research applications in North Carolina.

The Board is focused on accelerating North Carolina’s next generation of technology and technology companies.

The Board works to investigate new areas of emerging science and technology and conducts studies on the competitiveness of North Carolina industry and research institutions in these fields.

The Board also works with the North Carolina General Assembly and the Governor to put into place the infrastructure that keeps North Carolina on the cutting edge of science and technology.

Created in 1963 (the first such organization in the US), the Board has been responsible for the creation of a number of internationally recognized initiatives to catalyze the transformation of the North Carolina economy by leveraging university research, science, entrepreneurship, and technology-based economic development.”

The North Carolina Green Business Fund has used up all funding for 2010. We will seek funding from them in the future. However, many politicians speak in platitudes about becoming energy independent and putting people to work. This is simple. I am reminded of efforts from the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and others who, without initial government aid or prodding, persisted with hard work and changed the country and certainly created jobs.”

Charlotte WIFI, Charlotte wireless access to the internet

I am sitting in Dilworth Coffee Shop, drinking great coffee and accessing the internet for free and just realized that I failed to mention the free internet access earlier. What triggered this memory was watching some geese walk through the parking lot. I sometimes see traffic pause in Greensboro and Charlotte to let geese cross the road. This impresses me as really cool. We humans are always in a hurry and we stop to let creatures pass that are oblivious to our stupidity. So what has that got to do with this post? It probably momentarily freed up my thought processes long enough to remember something. Conclusion: we need coffee and atmosphere to bring out our best thoughts. So, visit Dilworth Coffee in Quail Corners Shopping Center for great coffee, atmosphere and free internet access.

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Board games, Deflection, rocket science, chess and chinese checkers

What do board games, rocket science, chess and chinese checkers have in common? I can think of numerous links, including high level neural processes. One of my favorite expressions is “I am not a rocket scientist”. I may have used this expression several years ago when I was having a conversation with my good friend Mr. Taylor (first name omitted for present) at Tate Street Coffee in Greensboro NC. We were talking about anything and everything and the conversation evolved into space travel. I mentioned the theory proposed by Theodore Taylor, the famous scientist, that proposed using miniature nuclear explosions to propel spacecraft. It turns out that Theodore Taylor was my friend’s uncle and was a rocket scientist. I almost fell out of my chair. Well, my friend, who happens to be a really good person, must have his share of genius from the gene pool.

My friend, Mr. Taylor, has invented a clever board game called Deflection. Deflection is kind of a cross between chess and chinese checkers. There are 2 types of pieces, a circular movement and attack piece, and a deflector piece, used to allow deflection of the movement piece. It requires long term strategies much like chess. Movements are made diagonally and can be made to posture for future movements or to capture the opponent’s piece. Not only can deflector pieces be positioned on the board, but their angle of deflection can be changed. I used to play chess a lot when I was young and I found this game to be quite challenging.

If you would like to order the game or would like more information, contact Deflection at:

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Office Depot, bad experience, online shopping hell

I have been shopping at Office Depot for many years due to the fact that I have bought a lot of computer equipment over the years, they seemed to have what I wanted and appeared to be the lesser of evils. I have been shopping for a notebook computer recently and going to the Office Depot site and checking out their selection. I received a gift for $ 75 and decided to take it in the form of a Office Depot gift card to apply toward the purchase of the new computer. I have been leaning more toward Office Max recently because they have gotten away from the rebate nonsense. I will definitely give Office Max more attention. Here is the experience I had with Office Depot. I will say the customer service reps that I ended up calling were friendly, but powerless to help. It is the fault of the idiot management. Consumers beware.

  • The Office Depot website was slow when I searched for computers.
  • Regarding the online gift card order. I tried to take the option to pick up the card locally and pay online. It would not let me. I then decided to have it shipped and completed the order.
  • The next day I checked the status online. It showed a 2 week shipping delivery date.
  • I tried to chat online and get an answer. I was knocked off 3 times. The response time was horrible (I have high speed internet access).
  • I finally called customer service. The first lady said it takes 2 weeks because it is a special order. I mentioned that I see gift cards on every store shelf. No go.
  • I asked to speak to someone else. Same answer. Both ladies were nice and I was nice to them.
  • Conclusion. Management is obviously on drugs. I am ready to spend some more money at Office Depot and Office Depot obviously has a death wish. This is so typical of corporate America. They obviously are not on top of their website and 2 weeks to get a gift card. I don’t think so!