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Charlotte dining, restaurant reviews, Maestro bar and Bistro, Pineville NC

I am getting to be a regular at Maestro Bar & Bistro, a great restaurant in Pineville NC, just south of 485 in Charlotte. My lady and I started out riding our bicycles from Park Crossing and rode around the back side of Carolina Place Mall. We ended up in Pineville and were close to the Maestro restaurant, so we decided to stop. It has been a beautiful day today in the sixties, so we sat on the restaurant porch. Pam, part of the husband and wife team waited on us and we had a good chat as well. Every time I eat there I am amazed at how good the food is. Ok, I had a burger and mixed vegetables. The burger was incredible and the vegetables are unsurpassed in taste. Even the bun that the burger was served on was delicious. Pam’s husband, the chef has won awards for his pastries, but he is an incredible all around chef. Pam tells me they are considering having music when  the weather is consistently warmer. They have a great location for outside seating and also have plenty of parking.

I highly recommend the Maestro Bar & Bistro.


Charlotte WIFI, Charlotte wireless access to the internet

I am sitting in Dilworth Coffee Shop, drinking great coffee and accessing the internet for free and just realized that I failed to mention the free internet access earlier. What triggered this memory was watching some geese walk through the parking lot. I sometimes see traffic pause in Greensboro and Charlotte to let geese cross the road. This impresses me as really cool. We humans are always in a hurry and we stop to let creatures pass that are oblivious to our stupidity. So what has that got to do with this post? It probably momentarily freed up my thought processes long enough to remember something. Conclusion: we need coffee and atmosphere to bring out our best thoughts. So, visit Dilworth Coffee in Quail Corners Shopping Center for great coffee, atmosphere and free internet access.

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Charlotte dining, Charlotte coffee shops, my favorite

One of the things I missed the most when I moved to Charlotte from Greensboro, was Tate Street Coffee Shop. I generally avoid restaurants that are part of chains and prefer smaller non corporate looking coffee shops. I found a coffee shop near where I live, Dilworth Coffee Shop in Quail Corners Shopping Center. First of all, they roast their own beans on south end and their organic coffee is free trade. Their coffee is some of the best I have had, and I have traveled over most of the US. Of course, all of these facts are important, but what seals the deal for me is the synergy and friendliness that I find there and what I was missing from Greensboro. A wide variety of customers stop by and I enjoy talking to the proprietors about Seinfeld trivia. In my opinion, one of the things that makes some modern day coffee shops popular, is the atmosphere of the tv show “Cheers”. Where everybody knows your name. Take Park Road south past Quail Hollow road to Quail Corners Shopping Center and visit Dilworth Coffee Shop. Tell em I sent you.

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NC history news, oldest European colony in US found

The Lost Colony in Manteo North Carolina. Most people, including myself, believed the English colony to be the first European colony in the US. However, recent archeological finds near Morganton NC have revealed a Spanish colony settled in NC 30 years prior to The Lost Colony. The Spanish built Fort San Juan in the Catawba River Valley near Morganton in the foothills of the NC mountains. Archeological finds match up with written descriptions from Spanish history.

To find out more about the history of the Spanish in NC and
Fort San Juan visit:

UNC TV, NC public television, will have a segment on Fort San Juan, Thursday night, January 31, 2008. The show is a regular feature and is called “Exploring NC”.

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Sam Ervin, North Carolina, Watergate and NC influence

I just got through watching a documentary on NC Public
TV about Senator Sam, Sam Ervin. Sam Ervin is best known
for chairing the Watergate Committee, his knowledge of the
Constitution and his down home wit. He was known to say “I
am just a simple country lawyer from North Carolina.” Well,
he was from NC, but he was a Harvard Law School Graduate,
with honors, and extremely intelligent. Sam Ervin was also
influenced by his religious upbringing and by the values of
his community in Morganton NC.
Watching the documentary brought back memories of the Watergate Hearings and Sam Irvin but also brought back memories of other famous and not so famous people from NC. We were all influenced by those surrounding us and I can say with a high degree of confidence, that I was surrounded by some of the most decent and caring people to be found anywhere. From my parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, neighbors and people I ran into, there was that spirit of community, morality and caring that comes through on the Andy Griffith Show. I guess that on some level I realized this as a youth but it is only now that I really appreciate how fortunate I was to grow up in North Carolina.

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NC Ghosts, Jamestown NC Lydia Ghost, highway 70 underpass

One of the more famous ghosts of NC is Lydia, who purportedly haunts an old underpass on highway 70 near Jamestown NC. Jamestown is a small town between Greensboro and High Point. The first time I heard of Lydia was probably in the late 50’s on The Good Morning Show on WFMY TV, hosted by Lee Kinard. The telling of the encounters with Lydia sent shivers down my spine. My friends and I traveled there a few times but never experienced anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps we should have traveled alone. Quite a few people over many years claimed to pick up a young female hitchhiker that would even converse with them, but would eventually vanish into thin air. One such encounter had her vanish at her destination. The man goes to the door and ask questions. Indeed Lydia did live there but was killed on the way home from a dance. Apparently there was a young woman named Lydia that was killed, which makes the apparition more believable. The underpass still stands near the existing road. Perhaps if you visit, especially alone, you will experience the screams or the apparition. Let us know if you do. To see pictures of the underpass and area visit:

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NC History, North Carolina Historical Markers

North Carolina was the first state to be colonized by Europeans and was one of the original 13 colonies. Naturally, NC is rich in history. Drive through many cities in NC and eventually you will run across one of the many historical markers. Many people know that O’Henry and Edward R Murrow were born in Greensboro. Did you know that RICHARD J. GATLING, inventor of the Gatling Gun, was from NC? His marker is on US 258 northeast of Murfreesboro. Did you know that the first post road from New England to Charleston ran through NC and mail was carried in 1738-39. This marker is on Main Street in Bath. Did you know that Andrew Jackson studied law in Salisbury NC? His marker is in downtown Salisbury. Did you know that The “Halifax Resolves,” the first formal sanction of American Independence, was adopted in Halifax, April 12, 1776. The marker is on US 301 north of US 301 Business (Main Street) in Halifax.

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