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Charlotte dining, restaurant reviews, Maestro bar and Bistro, Pineville NC

I am getting to be a regular at Maestro Bar & Bistro, a great restaurant in Pineville NC, just south of 485 in Charlotte. My lady and I started out riding our bicycles from Park Crossing and rode around the back side of Carolina Place Mall. We ended up in Pineville and were close to the Maestro restaurant, so we decided to stop. It has been a beautiful day today in the sixties, so we sat on the restaurant porch. Pam, part of the husband and wife team waited on us and we had a good chat as well. Every time I eat there I am amazed at how good the food is. Ok, I had a burger and mixed vegetables. The burger was incredible and the vegetables are unsurpassed in taste. Even the bun that the burger was served on was delicious. Pam’s husband, the chef has won awards for his pastries, but he is an incredible all around chef. Pam tells me they are considering having music when  the weather is consistently warmer. They have a great location for outside seating and also have plenty of parking.

I highly recommend the Maestro Bar & Bistro.


Charlotte snow update, more snow forecast

Charlotte may get more snow than northern areas such as Greensboro. It is looking like 1-4 inches in the Charlotte area with more snow southeast of Charlotte. According to Terri Bennett, it will be cold enough at all levels of the atmosphere and the temperature will begin dropping Saturday. For more information:

Snow again in Charlotte, NC snow

More snow is on the way to Charlotte and North Carolina for the second time in 2 days. Seems like mother earth is ignoring all the “expert” talk on global warming as she did hurricane forecasts for the past several years. I have lived in NC all of my life and seen cycles of weather within my lifetime. The southeast has been in a drought the past year, but from my limited knowledge of weather patterns I know that in NC we get moisture coming in from the west, southeast, south, east and even northeast. That covers a lot of directions and means sooner or later we are going to get precipitation. Well, now you have my “expert” opinion. Enjoy the snow!

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NC webcams, weather, travel, North Carolina

Travel in NC is typically not a problem. However, we do get snowfalls (occasionally big snowfalls), hurricanes and some traffic problems, so I decided to provide information on webcams in North Carolina.


High Country, Blowing Rock

Charlotte TV WSOC

High Country, Grandfather Mountain

Greensboro downtown

Kill Devil Hills Avalon Pier

NC highway conditions

Ocean Isle Beach Surf

Raleigh WRAL TV

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Snow falling in Charlotte and North Carolina

It snowed last night in Charlotte and North Carolina. It looks unimpressive here after being on Mount Hood in Oregon New Year’s Eve. Some parts of NC are getting 4-6 inches and it looks like the Greensboro area may get some sleet and freezing rain. Well, I am no weather forecaster so if you need more information visit:

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Charlotte weather, NC weather, Terri Bennett, WCNC

Terri Bennett, former WCNC Charlotte NC weather forecaster, has a new weather site. Terri, due to a non compete clause in her contract with former employer WCNC news in Charlotte North Carolina, cannot work for a competitor. Her new weather site provides timely forecasts for Charlotte and North Carolina with the same professionalism she exhibited on tv. Here is a link to her new weather site:

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