Board games, Deflection, rocket science, chess and chinese checkers

What do board games, rocket science, chess and chinese checkers have in common? I can think of numerous links, including high level neural processes. One of my favorite expressions is “I am not a rocket scientist”. I may have used this expression several years ago when I was having a conversation with my good friend Mr. Taylor (first name omitted for present) at Tate Street Coffee in Greensboro NC. We were talking about anything and everything and the conversation evolved into space travel. I mentioned the theory proposed by Theodore Taylor, the famous scientist, that proposed using miniature nuclear explosions to propel spacecraft. It turns out that Theodore Taylor was my friend’s uncle and was a rocket scientist. I almost fell out of my chair. Well, my friend, who happens to be a really good person, must have his share of genius from the gene pool.

My friend, Mr. Taylor, has invented a clever board game called Deflection. Deflection is kind of a cross between chess and chinese checkers. There are 2 types of pieces, a circular movement and attack piece, and a deflector piece, used to allow deflection of the movement piece. It requires long term strategies much like chess. Movements are made diagonally and can be made to posture for future movements or to capture the opponent’s piece. Not only can deflector pieces be positioned on the board, but their angle of deflection can be changed. I used to play chess a lot when I was young and I found this game to be quite challenging.

If you would like to order the game or would like more information, contact Deflection at:

To learn more about  North Carolina Click here


2 responses to “Board games, Deflection, rocket science, chess and chinese checkers

  1. I have been to Tate Street Coffee and played this game. It was very challenging and fun. Where is this game available to purchase?

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