Kristin Wells, new HGTV show, HomeMakers, photos

Kristin Wells is filming a new show for HGTV in Charlotte NC. The show is about home remodeling for do it yourselfer’s and they are taking requests for home projects. The budget for each remodel is $ 3,000 and the project must be accomplished in a weekend. Kristin’s interest in home remodeling goes back many years and possibly to her childhood. Below is a picture of Kristin holding a hammer at age 3 and and one from her old TV show, HomeMakers.



To learn more about  North Carolina Click here


6 responses to “Kristin Wells, new HGTV show, HomeMakers, photos

  1. Do they provide the funds, or is this something the homeowner needs to have ready? I am sure there are hundreds of home owners that would love this if they are paying!

  2. Kristin’s brother has done some great remodeling jobs,
    has the right look and personality and would make a
    great renovation host. I would like to post some info
    on Kristin Wells’ brother.

  3. Be my guest. Go ahead and post.

  4. Hey Kristin! Its Don. I don’t know if you remember me or not but we went to ASU together many years ago. I was thinking about old friends and well thought of you. When I started searching for you this site came up. Wow! It was a real shocker to see you. I hope to hear back from you. I just live in Hickory.

  5. Hello Kristen! This is another blast from your past. In the early a.m. there was an infomercial for a Rockwell tool. And there you were with a darling gentleman. Imaging that, you’re show made it all the way over to the west coast. Dan and I would like to say ‘hello’ from Portland Oregon – Francis & Company Printing. Kristen was one of the best paper salesperson’s we’ve ever had. We miss you! It’s great to see you in action. Take care! Debi Hammond

  6. Great open space basement- no clutter- just need help with the re-model. You could do wonders with this space!!We are a fun, exciting, young, hard working family, have some money to invest in rennovation, wold love to be featured on the show. We are in greensboro.

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