HGTV new show, get Kristin Wells to renovate your home

A new HGTV show is being filmed in Charlotte NC. It is being
hosted by Kristin Wells, a Greensboro North Carolina native
and former cohost of HomeMakers, an all female renovation
show on Turner South. The show will begin airing within the
year on HGTV.

Would you like to have Kristin Wells remodel your home.
Applications for home remodeling are being taken. If you
are interested, send information on your home project and
a brief description about your family to:

To learn more about  North Carolina Click here


10 responses to “HGTV new show, get Kristin Wells to renovate your home

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  2. So excited to hear that a remodeling show is coming to Charlotte.We wish the very best to Kristin and her crew.

  3. Jennifer Turner

    I’d like help remodeling my home in Long Island NY where Utility rates are out of thes world, and taxes are one of the highest in the country.

  4. I’m a muralist and I would love to help on the show in anyway possible – I’m a nut and I love color! My name is Teresa Stern and I have three children. I’ve been painting both murals, kitchens, faux and other decor even furniture for three years. Here is my website:
    I would love the opportunity to meet with you so you can see my portfolio and possible discussion on how I can help you.

    Teresa Stern

    Decorative Decisions

  5. My husband and I purchased an approx. 4,000 s.f. home with a courtyard in Winter Haven, FL. approximately 8 months ago. We both are fixed on having the home look tuscan but the economy is dictating our remodeling plans and it’s not looking like anything will be taking place anytime soon. The home was built in the 70’s and to my detriment I constantly have to go into a kitchen with lime green formica cabinets, bathrooms with draws pulled out (also formica), outdated floor tiles,old discolored carpeting, old windows, low popcorn ceilings,and walls that are just begging to be painted. I love my husband but he has none of the handyman traits this house so…desperately needs plus he just does not have the time. We love our home because it is large and has the great lake he has always dreamed of but for someone who likes to have a nice looking home, this is a nightmare without a light at the end of the tunnel. Please come remove walls and tiles and show us what a pretty tuscan house with wood floors and travertine tiles should look like also show us what beautiful cabinetry can look like as we are stuck in what seems like a large time warp without the hopes of seeing what beauty lies ahead. The home has great possibilities and if you’d like to do a show in Florida this house would be the one to tackle first. Thank you for your time and attention

  6. wilnette alston

    my basement,nice and large but dark and gloom
    y.My love crafts from sewing to restorinf furn
    iture.Love tools but need organization.Love
    photography and developing film.Have a nice room
    for that but no idea on how to construct,also
    have a beautiful 2 year old lab who also
    access the area. This interior decor would
    create a very source of use and creativity
    that I have not a chance to use my talent and
    gifts from the almighty.

    Thank You

  7. I have recently purchased a 1970’s brick ranch and I desperately need help updating the living room/dining room combo. I have started painting the brick fireplace that covers almost one entire wall in the room. I need some ideas and advise. Please help!

  8. Brenda Anderson

    Do you ever come to Knoxville, TN. My basement needs renovated. My husband died of cancer before he could renovate our basement

  9. I am 41 years old, married with 2 kids. We both work full time. We are an interesting and fun family in Greensboro NC. We have a GREAT basement but it needs an update. We have some money to invest in rennovations and love to pitch in. This is not a de clutter job just a good clean slate for awesome ideas to be implemented. Lighting, paint, flooring and some creative modern wall decorations is all it would take to film an AWESOME show….POSSIBLE??

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