NC History, North Carolina Historical Markers

North Carolina was the first state to be colonized by Europeans and was one of the original 13 colonies. Naturally, NC is rich in history. Drive through many cities in NC and eventually you will run across one of the many historical markers. Many people know that O’Henry and Edward R Murrow were born in Greensboro. Did you know that RICHARD J. GATLING, inventor of the Gatling Gun, was from NC? His marker is on US 258 northeast of Murfreesboro. Did you know that the first post road from New England to Charleston ran through NC and mail was carried in 1738-39. This marker is on Main Street in Bath. Did you know that Andrew Jackson studied law in Salisbury NC? His marker is in downtown Salisbury. Did you know that The “Halifax Resolves,” the first formal sanction of American Independence, was adopted in Halifax, April 12, 1776. The marker is on US 301 north of US 301 Business (Main Street) in Halifax.

To view a complete list of historical markers in North Carolina visit:

To learn more about  North Carolina Click here


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