NC Ghosts, Jamestown NC Lydia Ghost, highway 70 underpass

One of the more famous ghosts of NC is Lydia, who purportedly haunts an old underpass on highway 70 near Jamestown NC. Jamestown is a small town between Greensboro and High Point. The first time I heard of Lydia was probably in the late 50’s on The Good Morning Show on WFMY TV, hosted by Lee Kinard. The telling of the encounters with Lydia sent shivers down my spine. My friends and I traveled there a few times but never experienced anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps we should have traveled alone. Quite a few people over many years claimed to pick up a young female hitchhiker that would even converse with them, but would eventually vanish into thin air. One such encounter had her vanish at her destination. The man goes to the door and ask questions. Indeed Lydia did live there but was killed on the way home from a dance. Apparently there was a young woman named Lydia that was killed, which makes the apparition more believable. The underpass still stands near the existing road. Perhaps if you visit, especially alone, you will experience the screams or the apparition. Let us know if you do. To see pictures of the underpass and area visit:

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5 responses to “NC Ghosts, Jamestown NC Lydia Ghost, highway 70 underpass

  1. I would like to see more history of Lydia ,since i was a young boy i have heard stories of , this spirit but no real proof she exist , no pics of her or where she lived , i do believe she lived but want to be able to pull up facts to back it up .

  2. Regarding Lydia.
    The old Lee Kinard show on Channel 2 had multiple segments
    on Lydia. That would be a good starting point.

  3. Is there any concrete evidence that Lydia exsisted ? picture , back ground , anythi ?ng

    • As far as I recall, only eyewitnesses.
      However, the sightings occurred over many years by supposedly credible witnesses.
      Lee Kinard, on “The Good Morning Show” for years would relate stories
      from witnesses.

  4. i heard the scream when my car broke down by there at night it was foggy and rainy me and my friend and mom where there around 10 i was scare as fuck.

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