Skybus Airlines, Greensboro hub, first flights

We were in Greensboro Tuesday, January 15 2008, when Skybus Airlines began their first hub flight from Greensboro NC to Portsmouth NH. The flight took off at 5:45 AM and was about half full. 750 passengers were scheduled to fly out of Greensboro Tuesday. The Portsmouth NH airport is just north of Boston MA. We could not be at the airport but watched the innaugural festivities on WFMY TV. Skybus Airlines has already begun adding flights above and beyond what they had announced earlier. Skybus advertises 10 10 dollar tickets per flight and has recently offered specials below their other discounted fares. I ran into one of my friends in Greensboro who has been involved in aviation for years. He and I both agree that Skybus has a good chance for success and one of the key reasons is direct flights. He and I both flew other airlines in the past month and we both had major delays or cancellations. We are both of the opinion of why pay the fares of the major airlines when the flying experience is sub standard. Skybus offers fewer services, but the cost is dramatically lower.

The Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro had prepared well for the additional flights with new construction and food vendors. The afternoon flight to St Augustine was nearly full. Skybus is phasing in new flights all over the US.

To learn more about Greensboro and  North Carolina Click here



One response to “Skybus Airlines, Greensboro hub, first flights

  1. The inflight food menu should be displayed at the departure lounge for passengers review prior to boarding. The would give them a idea early what to order. Also in the pouches, many menus becomes missing during the late flights.

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