NC and Florida connection, half backers, summer homes

North Carolina and Florida have had a strong connection for many years. Many Floridians spend the summer in NC in such places as Asheville and Hendersonville. Now there is another connection. Many Floridians are moving to North Carolina to escape hurricanes, high taxes and traffic. Many of these people originally lived in places like New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Instead of moving back home, they have moved halfway back, hence the name half backers. Drive around many places in NC such as Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh or the mountains and you will see a lot of license plates from Florida. Some are vacationing or spending the summer in NC, but now many of them are permanent residents.

Florida, like NC, is a large and diverse state. It still has appeal to a great many people, expecially retirees. One of the nicer areas of Florida is Sarasota. Homes can be found there from the modest to the grand and of course some with incredible views. To learn more about Sarasota and Florida, visit:

To learn more about NC visit:


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