Charlotte restaurants, Maestro Restaurant, Pineville NC

We discovered a new restaurant in the Charlotte NC area. The Maestro Restaurant is located in the heart of Pineville North Carolina on Johnston Dr (not Johnston Creek Rd in Charlotte). The Maestro Restaurant is run by a couple and the husband is a former chef at Pewter Rose, one of my favorite restaurants, and a graduate of the Culinary Institute. He also has won awards for his deserts.

We stopped after seeing a great movie, “The Bucket List”, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. We were looking for a non chain restaurant to get dessert and be able to talk. We struck up a conversation with Pam, wife of the chef, and had a great conversation with equally great dessert and coffee. The atmosphere was also nice and designed for intimate dinners. They also serve lunch. We looked over the lunch menu and are going there for lunch tomorrow. The chef has a reputation for soups that has earned him the title of the “Soup Nazi” because his soups are so good.

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2 responses to “Charlotte restaurants, Maestro Restaurant, Pineville NC

  1. Went to Maestro’s and had their Beef Wellington and Wild Alaska Salmon with raspberry puree and peach salsa. They were both amazing – as usual. Salmon was cooked just right – very moist and flavorful. The beef was delicious – mushroom pate on the filet mignon wrapped in puff pastry.

    We couldn’t leave without trying one of their fabulous desserts. We chose the brownie cheesecake and the strawberry silk pie. They were both incredible. The cheesecake had a brownie crust with a layer of cheesecake, then topped with a chocolate ganache topping with nuts – yum! The strawberry pie was light and silky and a very intense strawberry flavor.

    We’ll be back!

  2. Maestro is wonderful! My mother and sisters and I had dinner there last night. It was a beautiful evening so we sat outside on the patio. The service was great, and the food was outstanding. The presentation of the food was very impressive. I give Maestro 5 stars!

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