WCNC news Charlotte NC, John Snyder, Terri Bennett

WCNC news tv, Charlotte North Carolina, has reacted like many companies in corporate America. Instead of getting to the root of a declining market share of audience, they have let go some of their best assets, veteran newsman John Snyder and professional weather forecaster, Terri Bennett. I will venture a guess that they will lose more market share after this move. The only reason some people even watched WCNC news was because of people like John Snyder and Terri Bennett. People are already disenchanted with network news and many people, particularly the young, are getting their news from the internet. Wake up corporate America, your most valuable assets are your customers and your employees. Listen to the public and your employees. I watch less network news, but I did watch John Snyder and Terri Bennett. Maybe there is something wrong with the way you are doing business, your product for example.

I went to the Charlotte Observer online and the article about John Snyder being upset and saying goodbye. There were posts from people echoing my thoughts about  WCNC, John Snyder, Terri Bennett and their “death wish”. The article is dated Dec 08, 2007. If you share my concerns, post a remark on this blog, on the Charlotte Observer site or contact WCNC or WCNC.com. The Observer link is here or you can search on John Snyder WCNC.


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2 responses to “WCNC news Charlotte NC, John Snyder, Terri Bennett

  1. From time to time their comes a time to wonder at the way things are done. With John and Terri these were the chickens that layed the golden eggs. But it appears thay were sacrificed To save on the cost of chicken feed. Who is next? What great plan is brewing next? I wonder how long it will be before the upper managment will start to be replaced with other planners that are headed in a different direction? Will the whole network go down the tubes? This is not ment to be funny or sarcastic, I hope that it will get some people to thinking before it is to late. Jim Parker

  2. You are right. There are large questions to ponder. I was part of the first generaton to grow up with tv. My overall experience was one of quality from shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Andy Griffith Show” to the network news. In most businesses if you strive to offer a quality product that is in demand, the money will follow. The tail should not wag the dog. If the money is the only focus, the endeavor is doomed for the long run. I worked in the business world for many years and was fortunate to work with all levels of personnel from the top guy all the way to the lowest. I learned quite a few things from this experience. First, most people in upper management are clueless about their employees. Second, when a problem is perceived, many reactions are made in a knee jerk manner, instead of calmly analyzing the situation and responding in a manner that is proportionate to the problem. My perception of modern day corporations is this. Top management works in an isolated ivory tower mode and lower level personnel such as customer service are in place from the consumers to act as a buffer for upper management. The evidence comes in the form of modern customer service which has been perceived as anything will do as long as upper mangement is protected from the customer. Hence there are many interactive voice response systems as the front line and people all over the world with a language and cultural difference as the second line attempting customer service. I am not saying all of these are bad, but many are symptomatic of the priority that the customer has in many businesses. In many cases, the employees are just as low if not a lower priority when in fact they are the most valuable resource and are the company to most customers.

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