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WCNC has not been doing well in the ratings. The Charlotte North Carolina NBC affiliate appears to be going down the tube (pun intended) along with NBC. So, what do they do, they can some of the news and weather staff. This is typical of modern day businesses. Instead of scrutinizing all facets of the business, especially upper management, they pick a fall guy. In this case, the trend seems to be to pick younger staff. I am not against hiring younger people, but that is no bandaid. John Snyder and Terri Bennett are the latest casualties. Let me tell you, after triad stations replaced veteran staff with ditsy younger ones, watching John Snyder was a relief. And duh, how many baby boomers are out there? That looks like a pretty large market to me.

If you know the Charlotte market, go to the WCNC.com site and then their blog site


Whose photo is that in theWCNC Blogger banner on the right?

To learn more about Charlotte and North Carolina Click here



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