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I have been watching Skybus Airlines and flights out of their new hub in Greensboro North Carolina as well as their everyday low fares and recent discounts. Yes, they had some problems over the holidays. So did the other airlines. At least you know up front you are saving a lot of money and not paying much more for a lousy travel experience.

We flew US Air Christmas day, attempting to fly direct to Seattle Washington. We had the tickets for at least a month with seat assignments. We arrived at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport well in advance. Upon getting our tickets, we were advised to immediately check in at the departure gate. We did so and were informed that a smaller plane had been substituted. We got on a list and had a slight chance of making it. We had several discussions with US`Air staff about backup plans and being able to fly within 24 hours. Here are my conclusions:

When US air employees, mechanics, etc., learn of a problem, they log it in the computer system. However, the staff at the departure gates are often informed at the last minute and the ticket holders are not, even though they have our phone numbers. I got online with several sites as soon as I found out and located multiple seats on multiple flights. When I mentioned this to the US Air staff, they said they showed no availability. It did not look good. I kept inquiring about one flight and finally were guaranteed a seat on a later flight after 10:00 PM to Minneapolis MN and a next morning flight to Seattle. We did not make the first scheduled flight. We were suppossedly 7 and 8 on the list and it appeared someone got ahead of us unfairly. If there was a problem with the original plane, I get it. US Air’s system for handling these situations is flawed. I believe the staff at the gate was doing their best, although I was not that impressed. As always, the problems start at the overpaid top.

Therefore, why should I not fly Skybus Airlines. They will improve their system and I will save a lot of money and fly direct to smaller airports. Read more about Skybus and the Greensboro hub at:

To learn more about Greensboro and  North Carolina Click here



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