Iowa Caucus, presidential election, choices

I am still on the west coast with time to reflect on the Iowa Caucus, presidential election and candidate choices. I was sitting in the Whidby Coffee Shop this morning, overlooking the Puget Sound, drinking a great cup of coffee, reading some news and actually slowing my pace enough to delve deeper into the candidates backgrounds. I, as I believe most people are, am having a more difficult time deciding on a candidate to support. I had one in mind 2 weeks ago, but am leaning toward another. Of course, this means doing some old fashioned research. I plan to watch the Iowa Caucus carefully.  I have been to Iowa and the people there are good people, generally down to earth, hard working and sensible. They are a lot like the people in North Carolina. In fact, Iowa and NC have several things in common. Iowa is the number 1 hog producing state. North Carolina is second. Sounds like a greenhouse gas situation to me. I bet the candidates won’t bring that up.

To learn more about  North Carolina Click here



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