Chapel Hill Rathskeller restaurant closes

The Rathskeller restaurant in Chapel Hill North Carolina, a legendary hangout for UNC and other college students  for many years, has closed. Apparently, the business and contents were seized for non payment of taxes. The fate of the restaurant is unknown. The restaurant, on popular Franklin Street, has a lot of problems including a dilapidated building. The restaurant had been in business for almost 60 years and I can remember it being a hot topic in Greensboro when I was in high school.

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3 responses to “Chapel Hill Rathskeller restaurant closes

  1. Charles Church

    Michael Jordan or Billy Cunningham or some other rich UNC grad should re-open the Rat. Shame to let all those great memories go down the drain over back taxes. It takes a long time to make a tradition, and literally thousands of UNC students consider the Rat as a major part of their UNC experience.

  2. I can’t believe the rathskeller is closed. I used to eat there about once every other week when I lived in Chapel Hill in the mid eighties. I remember seeing Pete Clilcut, Brad Daugherty etc. The food was super. I remember it being served in a heated platter. The best food. What a shame I had tentative plans of visiting and that would have been one of my destinations.

  3. Barbie Hunter

    I use to go to the RAT at least once a week in the 1970s. Chapel Hill has lost its soul!
    Check out memories of The Ramshead Rathskeller (The Rat) at:

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