Portland OR, Mount Hood, New Year, Widmer Brothers Brewery

We celebrated New Year’s eve on Mount Hood last night. I attempted skiing for the first time in almost 20 years, but my knee stopped me early. I can’t complain. It was my fifth visit to Mount Hood, which is not too bad for a North Carolina boy. I actually ran down Mount Hood from the Timberline Lodge, nine years ago. The mountain has received a lot of snow and the views were incredible. To cap it off, we viewed a spectacular fireworks show.

Widmer Brothers Brewery treated us like royalty. We were transported up in a chartered bus, fed well and pampered the entire time. I really appreciate what they did for us.

I did not realize that they have a restaurant as well as a brewery in Portland Oregon. I will make a point to visit it next time. I have seen their beer on the east coast and will look for it.

To learn more about Widmer Brothers Brewery and how they got started, visit:


I am not getting paid to write this nor did they request it. I just really appreciated the treatment we received and wanted to pass this info along.


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