North Carolina ghosts, haunted houses

I was inspired to write this article by several things. An article today in the Charlotte Observer, the annual reminder of ghostly visitors to Ebenezer Scrooge, my lifetime curiousity, the tv show “Ghost Hunters” and a man in my neighborhood who claimed to have a very credible sighting. Years ago I overheard an author, Daniel Barefoot, describe his book on ghosts of NC at a book signing. I waited and struck up a conversation with him. He had researched the 100 counties of North Carolina and created a chapter for each one. I bought one of the 3 volumes, Seaside Spectres (North Carolina’s Haunted Hundred Volume 1). What particularly caught my attention was his description of a bigfoot like creature that was captured in, I believe, Gates county. This was the only encounter that did not fit the stereotypical ghost encounter. I am doing some more research on ghosts and ghost hunting in North Carolina and will report on this in the near future. Keep the lights on.

Learn more about North Carolina Click here



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