WCNC, John Snyder, goodbye to old friend

WCNC, like getting rid of an old friend, an old car that is part of the family, has sent John Snyder to the “rust heap.” Snyder, who is 58, did not have his contract renewed after an illustrious career. I went back to an old post of his on the WCNC blog site. The post was from April 30 of 2007. John describes an old car he had for 22 years. The car had moved with his family to Charlotte 8 years ago. The car was there when his sons were growing up and through all the life experiences of moves and job changes. It was an old car but it was part of their lives. I remember watching John Snyder on network television years ago and I always thought that he had a professional presentation and calming demeanor. When I moved to Charlotte, there he was, a quasi replacement for the news anchors I had grown to “know” in the triad. Just as in cars, some people are classics and improve with time. I am sure John will fare well, because he has the class in classic.

John Snyder’s post can be viewed at:


Learn more about North Carolina Click here




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