North Carolina Christmas, Lost Colony celebrates first

The first Christmas Celebration in North Carolina of colonists was by the English Colony referred to as the Lost Colony. The colony settled on Roanoke Island, where the present town of Manteo stands. The colonists arrived in July of 1787. Food was scarce, conditions harsh and relief from England late. Governor John White sailed to England for supplies, but war with Spain put his efforts on hold. Virginia Dare was born on August 18, 1587, making her the first english child born in the new world. When John White returned August 18, 1590, the colony was gone. They found the word “CROATOAN” carved on a palisade. To this day, the fate of the colonists remains a mystery. Many have theorized that they were either murdered by indians or assimilated into their tribes. There have been many legends and rumors over the years of blond, blue eyed indians in parts of North Carolina. A very successful play has been performed in Manteo for many years, “The Lost Colony.” Andy Griffith was a member of  the cast early in his career.
For information about The Lost Colony and the play visit:

Learn more about North Carolina Click here


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