John Snyder WCNC, Terri Bennett, no contract

John Snyder is the latest casualty of Charlotte NC tv station WCNC. Terri Bennett was just let go. John Snyder is 58. He was given no reason for his contract not being renewed. Sniff, sniff, something smells again. Are we having a little problem with age at WCNC? For my part, I do not care how old the person is. I want professionalism and the news, whole news and nothing but the news. I have noticed a trend in other markets, such as the Triad of NC. Greensboro tv station WFMY and Winston Salem WXII have introduced a younger lineup and I am generally not impressed. I am sure they are trying to compensate for people going to the internet for news but I am not sure this is the way to accomplish that. They just raised the top age for airline pilots to 65. I heard someone comment “I like to see a little grey in the hair of my pilot.”

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