Edenton North Carolina, history, scenery, old homes, water

Edenton North Carolina, once the capital of NC during the early colonial period, is located in the northeastern part of North Carolina, on the Albemarle Sound. Edenton was incorporated in 1715 and became the state capital in 1728, being named for Governor Charles Eden. Edenton started out as a major port but lost that distinction when the entry into the sound from the ocean closed. Edenton was also the site of The edenton Tea Party in 1774. Edenton’s many old homes are restored, not reconstructed, and there are over 25 homes and buildings with NC historic status. I have been to Edenton several times and it is a pleasure to walk around town, taking in the historic and scenic views. If you like boating and sailing, there is water and water views everywhere, great docking and access to the town from many areas of the east coast.
To view the harbor:


To view historic homes:


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One response to “Edenton North Carolina, history, scenery, old homes, water

  1. Ida Cookie Parker

    I’m trying to find a town by
    the name of Jamestown near Edenton or
    Merry Hill

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