Wright Brothers flight at North Carolina Outer Banks

Monday, December 17, 2007, was the 104th anniversary of the Wright Brothers flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina which is now part of Kill Devil Hills. The monument and park are located in Kill Devil Hills NC. I read a book several years ago titled, “Triumph at Kitty Hawk”, which tells the story of the plans and work leading up to the flight, all the problems they encountered and the help they got from the locals of the Outer Banks. Many family names are mentioned and if you visit the Outer Banks you will find many of those names are still prominent.
I have a knack for striking up conversations with people, and several years ago I was in Greensboro and began talking to a retired gentleman. His family was from Manteo. Not only did his family sell some land to Andy Griffith, but I believe it was his grandmother who knew the Wright Brothers.
When you visit the Outer Banks, make sure you visit the Black Pelican
Restaurant. It is located in N Kitty Hawk on the beach road. It was the
location where the Wright Brothers telegraphed news of their successful flight.

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One response to “Wright Brothers flight at North Carolina Outer Banks

  1. The Wright Brothers were a regular fixture in the area and their gliding had become rather matter of fact. When they did achieve powered flight, there were only a few witnesses and fortunately Wilbur Wright asked Lifesaver, John T. Daniels to take the photo of the historic event, which
    he did. Those present, aside from Orville and Wilbur, were Adam Etheridge, John T Daniels, William S. Dough, John T Moore and Wiliam C Brinkley.

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