Terri Bennett, Charlotte NC, too old for weather reporting

Ever since I heard of Terri Bennett not having her contract renewed at WCNC, I thought the whole matter smelled. It appeared to me that she was being let go because of her age. Well, I have another birthday next month, and we all are a day older every day. This really stinks! And to make matters worse, she cannot go to work for a local competitor for a year because of her contract.

I was listening to the Keith Larson show this morning on WBT talk radio and Terri was a guest. She has a new website:


I encourage other posters and site owners to pass this along. This can happen to anyone but should happen to no one.


2 responses to “Terri Bennett, Charlotte NC, too old for weather reporting

  1. Her age was not the problem. There ratings are aweful and her research on top of that showed poor results. Add to that she was the highest paid anchors at WCNC that led to her contract not being renewed. It’s business.

  2. The exerpt below is from Terri Bennett’s website. Just because the ratings are down, does not mean it is the fault of the weather or news person. Also, bringing in a ditsy younger person is not necessarily going to improve them either (generic comment, not specific to this situation). Read the following. Sounds like she is pretty competent to me:

    Terri Bennett has been providing weather forecasts in the Charlotte area for more than 16 years. Her work on television has been recognized by the Radio and Television News Directors Association of the Carolinas as the “Best Weathercaster in the Carolinas” numerous times. Her weather coverage during Hurricanes Floyd and Hurricane Frances earned her two prestigious Mid-South Regional Emmys for Excellence. In January of 2008, Terri will receive the “Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist Award” from the American Meteorological Society for the WaterWise franchise she developed on WCNC-TV.

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