Susan Wells new book A Game Called Salisbury

Susan Wells has written a new book, A Game Called Salisbury, about
the last known mob lynching in NC and the murders of The Lyerly Family.
Susan, writing under the penname, Susan Barringer Wells, is better
known as one of the premier artists at the Outer Banks of NC, where she is known by her married name of Susan Wells Vaughan. Barringer
is Susan’s mother’s maiden name. The Lyerly Family members that were murdered were close relatives of Susan’s great grandfather.
The book deals mostly with events after the night time murder. Three
sharecroppers living nearby were arrested and taken to the Rowan County Jail. Although there was much concern in the state and nation
about the prisoners safety, there were elements in society that were
racist and had their own agenda. Susan attempts to shed light on the
many components that allowed the mob to storm the jail and hang the
The book is published by Infinity Press and can be purchased at
Literary BookPost in downtown Salisbury NC
To read more about the book and a recent book signing in Salisbury


3 responses to “Susan Wells new book A Game Called Salisbury

  1. Hey, and thanks for the publicity!
    Just want to correct a couple of things:
    1)This lynching in Salisbury, NC was considered the last in Rowan County. Several more of these types of atrocities occurred in NC after 1906, and there is a good chance at least one more happened in Rowan.
    2) Six were actually arrested, including a 15-year-old and the wife, rumored to be pregnant, of one of the lynching victims. Three, including the child, were lynched.

  2. Issac Lyerly was my Great-great
    Grandfather, and you wrote in your
    book that Joseph Lyerly lived about
    a half a mile from Issac’s house but
    by our families account he lived at
    least a mile or more away from his
    fathers house, and you listed that
    he was a possible suspect because
    the girls did not go to their
    brothers home. Joseph’s house was a
    half a mile off of old U.S 70,
    therefore that was the reason his
    sisters did not go to his house for
    help! If you have any record of
    Joseph Lyerly living in another home
    other then the one our family knows
    of then please get back to me

  3. Susan,

    ” It is noted “that you have more speculation, rather than fact.

    Do you not remember the July 1974 news article in the Salisbury Post
    which gives reference to the Testimony before a Grand Jury
    of said Murderers of my Family? As the writer of: The Game Called
    Salisbury, I am sure you must know without a shadow of a doubt what that
    Testimony is. There is no Mystery to solve. What is “IS” and you can’t
    change History. Evil ,Hideous murder is what happened in that house. GOD
    rest the souls of “All” people involved. Also, another question to you
    is “Why do you not have compassion for a family that was so brutally
    Murdered? Is your compassion one sided?

    Please note: I already knew you are not a Lyerly descendant before
    your correction. I have read a thoroughly researched book compiled by
    Harry Lyerly which was my Uncle.

    I am anxiously awaiting your reply. I have more comments for you, but I
    think that this is an appropriate place to stop.

    Renea Lyerly Julian

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