North Carolina barbecue, Lexington barbecue, NC

I was born and raised in the piedmont of North Carolina and many years ago I developed a taste and love for Lexington style barbecue. There are 3 general types of barbecue in NC and they correspond to geographic areas of North Carolina. Western style, such as in Hickory NC, Lexington style and eastern NC style.
I have had the different styles and my favorite is Lexington style. In my opinion, the restaurants serving this style start in High Point and run south with a high concentration in Lexington and down to Salisbury.
I worked in the Lexington area for 5 years and around High Point for
many more and had regular helpings of the wonderful stuff.
I am not saying the other styles are bad. They are quite good.
Maybe it’s my ancestry kicking in, but I prefer Lexington barbecue.

Here is an article from the NY Times:


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